Same Day Crowns

Traditional Crowns

Dental crowns are not always the most pleasurable event in your life. First you get the news you need a crown. Then you get a nice thick impression taken and have to wear a temporary and hope it doesn’t fall off for the next 3-4 weeks

Same Day Crowns




Fortunately, the field of dentistry is also a benefactor in technology advances. A 3D camera and using CadCam technology your tooth and crown are modeled in 3D! Dr. Jayme will check to make sure you have the correct amount of contact to adjacent teeth as well as fitting correctly with the opposing tooth. The design is then sent to the milling unit to make your crown out of a block of material. In the final step your freshly milled crown is placed into a furnace to strengthen the material. All this takes place during your appointment so when you leave you have your tooth completely restored and don’t have to worry about a return trip or having to wear a temporary

Zirconia Crowns

The strongest dental crowns are zirconia crowns. Until recently zirconia crowns were not able to made same day. With recent technology updates zirconia crowns can now be made in the office. This is GREAT news for those back molars where large amounts of force are being applied and you want to make sure the crown won’t break. To give you an idea in the difference in strength traditional Porcelain fused to metal crowns have a strength of 80-130 mpa while Zirconia crown are typically over 1000 mpa.

Cahaba Dental Arts

Here at Cahaba Dental Arts we provide the latest in dental technology to Helena, Pelham, Alabaster, Hoover and other surrounding Birmingham communities. Dr. Jayme will evaluate you and design your crown and have you out with no need for a second trip. In addition if you need a root canal Dr. Jayme can also perform that procedure in the same appointment saving you trips to multiple offices as well.